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Denny Hamlin Scholars

In 2012, the Denny Hamlin Foundation took on sponsorship of the research lab internship program, which was renamed the Denny Hamlin Scholars Program to inspire the next generation of cystic fibrosis researchers.

Since 2009, we have had more than 30 high school, undergraduate and graduate students seek internships. Our past lab technician, Agathe Hoffer-Schaefer, worked six months as a volunteer before accepting a part-time position with our lab. We have also been recognized by John Duval, CEO of MCV Hospitals, for our involvement with Projects SEARCH, an internship program for students with disabilities.

Program details

  • Six to eight weeks
  • Conducts small pilot studies
  • Two clinical shadowing experiences
  • Data presentation at the end of the program
2014 Scholar

Jacqueline Shaia, undergraduate student at GMU

2012 Scholar

Gil Rubia, undergraduate student at VCU

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